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Up in the Air

Up in the Air Netflix Movie

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  • Directed by:
    Jason Reitman
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  • Actor:
    George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick
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  • Runtime:
    1h 49min

Up in the Air Netflix Movie Storyline:

Watch Up in the Air Netflix on Netflix Movie:Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) works for a HR consultancy firm which specializes in termination assistance, and makes his living travelling to workplaces across the United States in order to conduct company layoffs and firings on behalf of employers. Ryan also gives motivational speeches, using the analogy "What's In Your Backpack?" to extoll the virtues of a life free of burdensome relationships with people as well as things. A frequent flyer, Ryan relishes his travels, and has a personal ambition to become only the seventh person (as well as the youngest) to earn ten million frequent flyer miles with American Airlines. During his travels, he meets another frequent flyer named Alex (Vera Farmiga) and they begin a casual relationship.

One day, Ryan is unexpectedly called back to his company's offices in Omaha, Nebraska. Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), an ambitious, freshly-graduated new hire, promotes a plan to cut costs by conducting layoffs via videoconferencing. Ryan raises concerns that the program could potentially come across as detached and uncompassionate, arguing that Natalie knows nothing about the reality of the firing process, live or not, and does not know how to handle upset people. He then plays the role of a fired employee to demonstrate her inexperience. His boss (Jason Bateman) assigns him to take Natalie with him on his next round of terminations to show her the ropes, much to his annoyance.

As they travel together and become better acquainted, Natalie questions Ryan's philosophies on life, but an unmoved Ryan is adamant that he is more than happy with his lifestyle. During the trip, Natalie is shattered when her boyfriend unceremoniously dumps her by text message, and Ryan and Alex try to comfort her. Natalie later lectures Ryan about his refusal to consider a commitment to Alex in spite of their obvious compatibility, and becomes infuriated; she apologizes later, but soon afterwards they are both ordered back to Omaha to begin implementing Natalie's program. On the test run, the earlier concerns Ryan had raised immediately prove true; one laid off person breaks down in tears before the camera, and she is unable to comfort him.

Instead of returning immediately to Omaha, Ryan convinces Alex to accompany him to his younger sister's wedding. He learns that the reason the couple had him take photos of a cutout picture of them in various places was because they cannot afford a honeymoon trip. When the groom gets cold feet, Ryan’s older sister talks him into using his motivational skills to persuade him to go through with it. Although this runs counter to Ryan's personal philosophy, he successfully argues that the important moments in life are rarely unshared. The wedding goes off without any further hitches.

Ryan begins having second thoughts about his own life. As he starts to deliver his "What's In Your Backpack?" speech at a convention in Las Vegas, he realizes he no longer believes it, and walks off the stage. On an impulse, he flies to Alex's home in Chicago. When she opens the door, he is stunned to discover she is a married woman with children; Ryan leaves without a word before her husband can suspect anything. She later tells him on the phone that her family is her real life and he is simply an escape. Again, he ends the conversation wordless.

On his flight home, the crew announces that Ryan has just crossed the ten million mile mark. The airline's chief pilot (Sam Elliott) comes out of the cockpit to meet Ryan. He notes that Ryan is the youngest person to reach the milestone. When asked where he is from, a disheartened Ryan can only respond "here".

Back in his office, Ryan calls the airline to transfer five hundred thousand miles each to his sister and brother-in-law, enough for them to fly around the world for their honeymoon. His boss tells Ryan that a woman he and Natalie fired has killed herself, and that an upset Natalie has quit via text message. The company also puts the remote-layoff program on hold because of related concerns.

Natalie applies for a job in San Francisco, the city she was originally offered a job before following her now ex-boyfriend to Omaha instead. The interviewer is impressed by her qualifications and a glowing recommendation from Ryan, and hires her. The film concludes with Ryan standing in front of a vast destination board, looking up, and letting go of his luggage.

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